This section is all about baby, including topics such as baby shower gift list, baby bottles and warmers, baby sleep training, baby gifts, baby toys, baby strollers, when baby has a cold. Being a new parent is challenging, with sleep deprivation and extra laundry and cleaning up. Being systematic and prepared can really make life easier with a new baby. I loved reading forums and advice when I was dealing with new babies, a book that I enjoyed was “Bringing up Bebe” by Pamela Druckerman that tells her journey with pregnancy, sleep training, feeding, childcare in France.

Sleep deprivation for parents the early years Baby Yawning new parents? You aren't alone. A new paper reveals research that new parents face up to 6 years of sleep deprivation. This is one common struggle of new parenthood, even despite sleep trainin... READ MORE Baby bottles (that vent air) and bottle warmers Baby Here are 2 Comotomo bottles, a Boon grass drying rack with Abbott measuring cylinders, an Avent drying rack, and Nova Crisp snacks for Mummy. Choosing which bottle to feed your baby with depe... READ MORE Baby shower gift list: A practical, tested guide Baby This list is more focused on newborn stuff. This baby shower gift list has been circulating in emails over 2 years then tested and modified by many mums. Car seat: Baby cannot be discharged from... READ MORE Sleep training for your baby: 12 hours sleep by 12 weeks old Baby A dad of three kids told me how he did sleep training. The whole routine starts from picking your last feeding, he picked 11 pm as the last feeding. Swaddling your baby can help him feel cuddled ... READ MORE Breastfeeding: Pumps, storage, bras Baby Breastfeeding is bonding time with mummy and baby. Spectra Pump is ultra quiet…when both the nurse and obstetrician visited my room after delivery in the hospital, they both commented on how ... READ MORE Which double stroller do you use? Baby For parents with 2 small kids close in age or twins, a double stroller is essential for daily convenience. Here are some chosen strollers in action! We started with the Uppababy Vista stroller, wh... READ MORE Mucus? Tips when your baby is sick with a cold Baby Your baby has a cough, a runny nose, and isn't sleeping well. After you took your baby to the pediatrician (or pediatric ENT), your baby may be started on amoxicillin or just told to be given acetami... READ MORE Baby Gift List: Toys, books, playgyms, jumpers Baby This baby item list applies to babies until they start standing. (Some toys grow with the baby and will last another year or two, but these are toy ideas for babies who play but are into simple toys.... READ MORE Why we wash baby with poopy diapers Baby One of the first visits to the pediatrician was for diaper rash, both babies had raw, red, bleeding skin around their butt. As newborns, their poo was liquidy and often (3-5x a day). We cleaned their... READ MORE Soft toys when your baby is at the throwing stage Baby When your toddler is at a throwing stage (tossing or throwing everything he or she can grab, including food), you can re-shuffle his or her toys and bring out the lighter and softer (less painful whe... READ MORE