This section explores baby feeding, baby foods, dining out, baby and toddler plates and flatware, food allergy, and lots of simple, yummy recipes all told in homemade pictures. 

Eggplant plantain casserole (pastelón de berenjena) Food This naturally sweet, cheesy casserole with eggplant, sweet plantains, and cheese is a crowd-pleaser (parties! potluck dinners!). The recipe is easy - just layer, then bake. I was searching for a non... READ MORE My toddler refuses regular food and wants junk food Food Do you ever whip out some ready made snacks for your toddler? Crackers, cookies, and fruit jelly snacks are just a few. Then one day, your toddler refuses to eat regular food at meals and only wants ... READ MORE Pancit (fried rice noodles) with mushrooms and veggies recipe Food Whenever there was food at the hospital, a popular dish was pancit (Filipino fried rice noodles). After many attempts, I was finally successful with this fried rice noodle recipe! Last week I ma... READ MORE A peanut allergy story: From home to ER to allergy testing Food One afternoon, I am eating a slice of gluten-free sandwich bread with peanut butter. My 21 month old toddler cuddles up to me, asking for a piece. My husband nudges me, "Let him have a few bites, he ... READ MORE Eating out with your toddler Food A napkin as a bib, this toddler girl is focused on her hash browns at a diner. Have you ever wondered how a one or two yearold is sitting in a high chair enjoying a meal with their parents at a re... READ MORE Rum-flavored cake + buttercream cheese frosting Food This is was a hit for both adults and kids (preschoolers) at a recent party. It is soft, moist, tasty, without being too sweet or heavy, with a yummy easy to mix frosting on top. I have also served t... READ MORE Baby feeding part I: Starting solids Food Babies eating beets with their fingers (in Nomi high chairs). Once your baby turns about 6 months or is sitting upright (and your pediatrician tells you it is time to start solids), you start fe... READ MORE Simple fried rice with eggs and veggies Food This is a simple recipe with the basic just being eggs and rice. We add veggies and soy sauce and show you the steps. Scrambling egg whites in the frying pan. First heat the pan on the st... READ MORE Almond cake (low carb, paleo, gluten-free) Food I used to follow a low carb diet half the week (4-5 days low carb, rest of the week regular food) to lose pregnancy weight, so would bake this almond cake. We noticed that babies would eat this (in l... READ MORE Broccoli Pancakes: Jazzing up a classic Food Babies love pancakes, but we jazzed up our pancakes with veggies. Broccoli is easy to cut and the little pieces distribute well in the pancake batter. Sometimes we cut up shredded carrots or even aru... READ MORE Food: Toddler flatware Food This section is focused on forks and spoons your toddler will learn and use to eat on their own. These flatware are usually for babies > 18 months but your toddler may start to use a fork to self-... READ MORE Beef veggie stew (stove top or slow cooker) Food This is a delicious, satisfying stew that can be tweaked (can be vegetarian, for example). This can be made in the slower cooker or on the stove top. First put 1/4 cup butter or substitute (ie Sma... READ MORE 5 Tips to strengthen your kids’ immune system! Food Post by Wellness Coach, Samantha Isaacson of Fitstyl'd (Your Fitness, Your Food, Your Life, Simplified.) If only kids shared their toys as well as they share their germs with one another, we’d h... READ MORE Menu samples for toddlers Food Chicken nuggets, oranges, carrots, corn, pea, beans for a meal in baby silicone placemats. Some ideas for sample toddler menus to inspire you to your own combinations. BREAKFAST: Fried egg, ... READ MORE Chicken adobo with carrots and rice Food A toddler favorite: Chicken adobo taste sweet and slightly salty and the sauce over white rice is delicious. In a sauce pan, add oil and place stir fry chicken pieces. Cook until chicken is white.... READ MORE