This section covers books, educational toys, classes, languages, good manners, early childhood learning, and preschool prep. The age range is wider as this learning section includes preschoolers.

How to toilet train in 5 days vs. 5 weeks (2 same age kids, 2 different approaches) Learning My 2.5 yearold son never liked diapers, in fact, he would run around the house all day naked if he was allowed to. When he started handing me poopy diapers (removing it himself after removing his pan... READ MORE Colors galore: Toddlers love to paint and draw Learning Toddlers love colors, so it comes as no surprise as they are eager to take up painting, drawing, and coloring. Here a Paint by numbers kit resulted in a panda bear. With sleeves rolled up,... READ MORE Raising a multilingual kid (early language learning) Learning In the city that never sleeps, people speak many different languages. It comes as no surprise that many parents will bring their kids up speaking various languages as well. Recently, there has been a... READ MORE How to teach a 2 year old to read (early learning) Learning "I have a surprise for you," a toddler's dad says to her adorable self. He opened a book with large letters and explained that when she reads the correct word, she gets a treat. The treat varies from... READ MORE Outings and classes for your toddler Learning Where can you take your toddler for some learning experience? Starting early to expose toddlers can pipe their curiosity, train them to behave out among other people, and get them tired before headin... READ MORE What we learned from visiting preschools Learning A toddler sits at the table and reads a board book, lying next on the table is a 123 New York cool counting book. When we toured preschools, a longtime preschool director (and mother of 2 small ki... READ MORE Combining books and toys for early learning Learning Here are some ideas on how to make learning alphabets and vocabulary fun for your toddler. Using flash cards or toy animal figures with books are examples. We like to combine toys (or flash cards) wi... READ MORE When your toddler is being dragged into school (separation anxiety) Learning Bringing along a familiar stuffed toy may be comforting to ease into the new school routine. After the winter break, this suddenly was a topic on several parents' minds. "Did your toddler re... READ MORE Toddler Preschool Prep: Clothes, shoes, snacks, toys Learning Here are ways you can prepare your toddler for school in terms of what to wear, what snacks to try first at home (allergies anyone? picky eaters?) and toys that you can introduce at home. When go... READ MORE Toddler Books: Sound books, sticker books, coloring books, magnet books Learning Toddlers can be introduced to books, to find that books can be interesting, fun and a wealth of knowledge. You can minimize screen time, and add bonding time with your toddler when sitting together ... READ MORE