This section encompasses parties (from party planning to hosting a large party with baby guests), travel (what to pack, car trips, and destinations), fashion, beauty, relationships, fitness, and spotlights on local NYC providers, services, and places. 


Spotlight on OBGYN Dr. Jeffrey Yu in Manhattan Lifestyle Named New York Top Doctor in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. In the city that never sleeps, one doctor who may be sleepless in the night is Dr. Jeffrey Yu, a true rising star in the Obstetrics & Gynec... READ MORE Hosting a large party with baby guests (and adult guests) Lifestyle This large party has baby guests and adult guests. Once you have kids, you will be invited to more baby and kiddie parties. And then you start hosting your own parties for kids. Now whenever you h... READ MORE Planning a party? Some local party vendors and services for NJ and NY Lifestyle Are you planning a party (for an adult or kid)? Here are some local vendors for custom cakes, balloon deliveries, photography, live music, and drop off catering. Manhattan-based Balloon Kings ... READ MORE Spotlight on Sports Chiropractors in Manhattan: Using Active Release Therapy Lifestyle "It started with pain while pole planting (while skiing)," a pilot friend explained, "then my right shoulder got partially frozen and I had less strength." He took a medical break from his job (flyin... READ MORE Choosing a venue for your next kiddie party Lifestyle The Plaza Hotel's Eloise Suite as a pink themed birthday party. How do you pick a venue for your party? Location and costs are what usually comes to mind, but consider other factors. If there a... READ MORE A car trip holiday: What to pack and the car drive Lifestyle A long nap for a long drive in the winter. Planning to go away for the holiday by car with your family? Whether it is going to the beach or the mountains, have a basic packing list and planni... READ MORE Gifts Ideas for Mummy Lifestyle Your best friend or sister in law just gave birth a few months ago and you are attending her birthday party. You have a gift for the new 3 month old baby, but what about the mummy? (Hint: Avoid any p... READ MORE Baby birthday party themes Lifestyle Does your toddler have a favorite cartoon cartoon or loves princess stories or cars? Pick a theme such as trains or a favorite cartoon character (or even go general with just "happy birthday" as the ... READ MORE Planning a simple, low budget baby party Lifestyle To cut costs with hosting a party, first look for a free or low cost venue. Hosting it at your home or a public playground may be feasible. My friend applied for a $25 permit to host a kiddie party a... READ MORE Traveling or a small apartment? Compact toys Lifestyle One thing living in a large city and traveling often makes you assess twice before buying any toy or baby gear, how much space does this take up? Here are some favorite toys for traveling or easy sto... READ MORE Going to the beach on a sunny day Lifestyle Sun protection is a must for your baby: Here sunscreen, hat, umbrella are used. Toddlers love sand toys. Of course, parent supervision should be closer as kids can run into the waves or wander... READ MORE