This section covers how to set up a baby room, toddler room, diaper area, play room…to drawer organization and closet ideas…home design and babyproofing. Which baby mats are good for your baby and easy to clean? How do you babyproof your doors, closets, and cabinets when your baby is crawling or your toddler very capable of opening doors? Which baby gates should you choose? Which high chairs and sofa chairs are out there for your baby and toddler? Does the floor plan of your new apartment or house matter for a family with a baby? This section is all about rooms, homes, and furniture with your baby in mind.

Toddler sofa chairs and baby high chairs Rooms Are you searching for a high chair or sofa chair for your baby? Aside from comfort and price, most people want a baby or toddler chair that matches (or goes well with) the other furniture. It is impo... READ MORE Thinking of a mini crib? Rooms Your nursery is small, and you can barely fit a crib in. You already have a daybed or furniture in the future baby room. Or you want to put a mini crib in your master bedroom for the first few months... READ MORE Babyproofing your doors, closets, and cabinets Rooms Someone may be unlocking and opening a door! We installed (privacy lock) door knobs backwards, so from inside the toddler room, any spoon can be used to unlock the door. (But without a spoon, the do... READ MORE Setting up your toddler’s room Rooms Now that your baby is running and curious to get into everything, the baby room may need some updating. A toddler room should be uncluttered and more spacious (more space to run and play), but also f... READ MORE Setting up the baby room Rooms Basic list for your baby room Crib: Full size is better than portable or mini crib as baby has space to do helicopter turns and when pulling up to stand, had space to fall down (within the cri... READ MORE Organizing your baby drawers or closet Rooms We wanted a simple, easy way to organize baby (then toddler) clothing, towels, animal loveys. Socks in one smaller (shallower Ikea's Trofast box) and Angel Dear animal loveys in another box. They... READ MORE Choosing a home (apartment or house) with your baby in mind Rooms You may be tempted to buy a home, especially with the ability to customize, but there are two aspects you may consider: Schools and floor plan. Not only will you consider options for preschool, but e... READ MORE Should you switch to a toddler bed? Rooms When do you switch from a crib to a toddler bed? Most people say wait as long as possible (for safety and not having a very mobile and wandering toddler around the house). When your baby tries to... READ MORE Setting up a diaper changing area Rooms Changing tables or a changing area? Depends on the parent and set up. Grey Keekaroo peanut changing pad used on a changing table. Pamper swaddlers are seen there along with Aveeno Baby and Mus... READ MORE