Which double stroller do you use?

For parents with 2 small kids close in age or twins, a double stroller is essential for daily convenience. Here are some chosen strollers in action!

We started with the Uppababy Vista stroller, which had fantastic larger rubber wheels that could go over bumps and cobblestones on the side walks, icey ground, small stones at the park, even sand. Like other similar strollers of this caliber, Uppa Baby allows you to click in 2 car seats (or bassinets or rumble seats). We had 2 Cybex Aton carseats that clicked into the Uppa Baby stroller. When the babies started sitting, at about 7-8 months, we started using the 1 toddler seat and 1 rumble seat (purchased additionally. The seats weren’t that deep so I didn’t feel the babies were that comfortable. Plus, you do have to remove both rumble/toddler seats and fold the stroller frame each time you place the stroller in the car trunk. And click each rumble seat into place after you unfold the stroller so the set up took a few minutes each time (especially if the 2 sides did not match exactly). Main negative point was the max weight of the rumble seat (35 lbs), though the toddler seat that came with the Vista stroller has a max of 50 lbs. But we loved how the Uppa Baby stroller pushed and rolled (so smooth!). It did take up more space than an umbrella stroller because it had a larger footprint.

twins stroller beach uppababy vista on sand
Uppababy Vista stroller can fit 2 car seats, 2 bassinets, or 2 tumbler seats (seen above, can vary in tandem positions). With stronger wheels and adjustable height, it is a smooth ride to push over cobblestones or sand. It does required unclicking of both seats before folding to fit into a car trunk and is wider than conventional umbrella strollers. But when babies are small, they cannot yet sit in umbrella strollers so require a stroller with car seats and/or bassinets.

stroller baby jogger city mini double
Baby Jogger’s City Mini double stroller maneuvers well for not being all-terrain, folds up smaller than other strollers in its size group, and seats are padded.

Another side by side double stroller, Mountain Buggy Urban Double stroller is all-terrain, offers features as hand-controlled brake (vs. foot), automatic lock fold, and so easy to push (see the eldest sibling pushing his 2 younger brothers). It is also less pricey for its features.

twins stroller toddler table playing bugaboo donkey duo stroller

The Bugaboo Donkey duo stroller allows 2 bassinets, 2 car seats, or stroller seats to be used side by side for 2 babies close in age. It looks nice and is easy to go from bassinet to car seat and can turn with 1 hand (though easier with 2 hands). Like the Uppababy, have to disassemble the seats before folding the stroller to put into the car trunk.

This is the Combi double stroller, which this parent likes as it is side by side for her daughters to get in and out simultaneously quicky, easy lock/unlock, easy to push with swivel wheels, folds into a car trunk, great recline so good for naps when out all day (can see after a beach day here), and up to 50 lbs per seat.

After 14 months, my babies were getting almost all long or too large to sit comfortably in the rumble seats as the seat pockets weren’t very deep and would slide down a bit. After trying a few side by side strollers and tandem strollers, we ended up with the Kinderwagon HOP. It has stadium seating so the back seat is higher and the baby can see from the back (or grab the front passenger’s hair). The seats are deep enough that toddlers sit comfortably for long periods and it is narrow to go thru crowds or supermarket aisles passing another cart. However, we did find the Kinderwagon stroller harder to turn (need both hands gripping the handles firmly) and the wheels also too small to go over bumps.. But because of the narrow frame, the light weight, lower price point and the foldability, we use it daily and really would recommend it. In fact, strangers come up to me to ask the name of the stroller almost every time we go out. An Uber driver gave us a tip with the Kinderwagon Hop: No need to latch the umbrella stroller Kinderwagon Hop when folded, just fold and place into the trunk.

stroller kinderwagon hop

Because the Kinderwagon Hop is so narrow, it just parks next to the wall in the entry foyer, ready to go. There is less space for the feet and sometimes the shoes come off when lifting a child out (as a shoe can get stuck). Each seat is up to 45 lbs (in reality maybe 35 lbs max? as both our Hop strollers broke with a 28 lb and 30 lb kid) for 2 kids close in age. Our 2 Hop strollers’ front left wheel broke and apparently this is a repeated issue as other parents wrote about it online.

zoe stroller tandem extension
This Zoe tandem stroller is actually the original umbrella stroller for a single toddler (up to 50 lbs per seat) + an extension seat in front. Because this tandem stroller has 6 wheels (vs. 4 wheels), the stroller gives more leg room for the 2nd toddler and seems sturdier for 2 heavy toddlers, but harder to turn (with a wider turning radius). Huge canopies are a plus!

zoe stroller folded
Zoe stroller for a single child and a folded extension seat. Both seats can be folded and fit into the overhead bin on a flight.


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